GPP Programming

GPP Programming

What is it?

Our GPP Program is for gyms that are looking for a simple, effective training program designed to improve the general health and fitness of their community. This program is perfect for gyms who understand that sometimes less is more, and for coaches who like to take ownership of the planning of their class, allotting time for drills and skill development. This program is easily scalable for classes of all sizes and ability levels and is designed to be completed within a one hour class.


What do I get?

  • Tip of the Month: a monthly tip with detailed example intended to help coaches run more effective classes
  • GPP Programming provided one month at a time
  • 5 days per week of programming with 1-2 training pieces per day
  • Descriptions and the intended stimulus of each training piece
  • Daily warm-ups and mobility recommendations
  • Access to all free features


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Still not sure?

Download a sample week.

GPP Program Sample