Competitor Programming

Competitor Programming

What is it?

This tier of programming is for gyms who are looking to implement Misfit Athletics’ competitor programming into their regular classes in order to help their athletes to reach their potential. This style of programming is perfect for those who desire to follow along with the Misfit Athletics Blog, but at a level that is appropriate for their gym. In order for both coaches and athletes to get the most out of this program, we recommend allotting no less than 90 minutes to complete the prescribed work.


What do I get?

  • Monthly Descriptions and Expectations of the current training cycle
  • Competitor style programming modified for group classes, provided monthly
  • 5 days per week of programming with 3 training pieces per day
  • Descriptions with the intended stimulus of each training piece
  • Daily warm-ups and mobility recommendations
  • Structured strength and gymnastics work that follows along with the Misfit Athletics Blog
  • Access to all free features


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Still not sure?

Download a sample week below.

Competitor Program Sample